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DCD Trump 2016

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Herd ID: DCD Trump 2016

Calved: 11/01/2016

Born the week before the Presidential election, the breeder just had to go with the events and named him Trump 2016!  We went to the DCD ranch to look at heifers but when we saw this yound bull we knew he was the one for us.  An AI product of Churchill Red Bull 200Z and ILR Lady Cowboy 474B, we purchased him at 10 months old and he is now our herd sire and his calves are starting to hit the ground.  They are low birth weight and are looking good.  We are so excited about this first set of his calves!

We have semen available for purchase for $25 per straw with a certificate fee of $25.  The lab results from his semen are above average in all categories tested.  Ejaculate volume is 16ml, total sperm is 6.47, progressive motility is 60% and morphology is 78%.  These are all above the normal range and the semen quality is marked as excellent and suitable for both AI and ET programs.

ILR 88X Ribeye 508C ET

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Herd ID: ILR 88X Ribeye 508C ET

Calved: 02/19/2015

He has been the sire to many of our calves.  Great calving ease, low birth weight, and built for power.

Very docile and sired exceptional calves.