Our goal is to improve the Black Hereford breed through developing better genetics.

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About Us

As we say in our mission statement, our goal is to improve the Black Hereford breed through developing better genetics.  After raising black baldies for years we became involved in registered Black Herefords and realized that what was available in the Black Hereford breed needed improvement.

A plan was developed to purchase high quality homozygous Black Herefords and F1s and AI them to some of the best sires available.  We have used Churchill Red Bull 200Z, DCD 3Cs Barney B04, and have had ILR 88X Ribeye 508C ET as a herd sire.  We have since purchased DCD Trump 2016 (Churchill Red Bull 200Z x ILR Lady Cowboy 474B) which is our new herd sire.  We have had several requests for straws and they are now available!  He tested as excellent quality and is great for AI and ET use.  Another special opportunity is halving the embryos with Iron Lake Ranch of the ILR Full Throttle Lady 5200 ET which should make dramatic outcomes in the future.

Our supplement program includes blended VitaMix customized for bulls and cows including loose minerals and tubs to maximize and capitalize each animal's development.

There is no better joy than living in the middle of our farm and watching the future of the Black Hereford breed grow and improve!  Thank you for visiting our website and if we can help you to improve your herd please do not hesitate to call.

Mike and Carla Bacica